The “Aeronaut” is in the finals of the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Germany

The FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Germany is the first and so far only nationwide competition for project development, which - taking into account a successful overall concept - honors construction projects in various categories.

The six criteria for a comprehensive and outstanding overall project development concept are:

  1. Concept: core idea, specialty of the project
  2. Architecture: design, functionality, innovation
  3. Construction process: contract, cost, quality and time management, administrative process
  4. Innovations: Use of new, future-oriented solutions in the planning, construction and/or management phase
  5. Sustainability: Sustainable solutions in the areas of energy, resource efficiency and climate protection
  6. Urban integration: urban planning concept, district concept, mobility concept

With the Aeronaut we have set a standard that is causing a stir.

Please continue to accompany us and be our guest.

With each of our future projects, we aim to keep raising the bar a little higher.

Your Pearl 1 and BoB team